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BENDIGO MOTOR Rukan Niaga Serpong No 8D Jalan Raya Serpong KM.8 , Serpong Utara 15325 Serpong

Phone: 021-53125682
Email: bendigo_motor@yahoo.com

Bendigo Motor was started from a very simple notion on how to participate on saving more Indonesian lives in the street, since defensive riding and road safety were still at minimum levels. Through hobby on motorbiking, social and community activities, Bendigo manage to give and share cheer, fond memories, fantastic experiences, education, information, and indirectly save lives. We were proud on what we have achieved so far, and we are committed to continue to bring the balance of finest and workable shopping experience to any enthusiast who visit us, in-store or online.
At Bendigo Motor, we believe in integrity supplement by confidence to carefully selecting and selling only the best and original products.  We trust our attitude will bring our altitude, and we always love how we fly away on our bikes. As bikers for quite some time, we understand, a biker is not consider a biker when he stayed clear from challenges, we live to ride, and we want to make your riding experience even better. Here in Bendigo, we grow mutually with communities, enthusiast and commuter through long processes, good and bad, we believe through our collaboration, together we can achieve our dream to make safer roads for bikers.
We understand it will be a long shot, however we aim for an exciting challenge to become a destination place for bikers and to contribute meaningful activities with motorcycle communities, where we can share our passion on Motorbikes, Communities, and Motor Rally/Touring. Bendigo Motor is a safe home for bikers in Indonesia!!

Monday:  10:00-18:00

Tuesday:  10:00-18:00

Wednesday:  10:00-18:00

Thursday:  10:00-18:00

Friday:  10:00-18:00

Saturday:  10:00-17:00

Sunday:  10:00-17:00